Carlos J. Ramsey- Director-Producer

Carlos J. Ramsey

In addition to Directing, Carlos J. Ramsey is also a talented Director of Photography, Editor, Composer, Actor, Inventor, musician, social media expert, talent manager and the list goes on.

Director, Carlos J. Ramsey is forever uncovering the subtleties of human existence most people overlook. This uncanny quality, combined with a dynamic visual style is what defines his brilliance. As early as high school, Carlos‘ visual and acting talents got the attention of a Hollywood talent agent from ENDEVOUR, currently WME, whom represent most of Hollywood’s industry elite. Today Ramsey lives a bi-coastal lifestyle, absorbing the cultures of New York, LA and Atlanta. This has created a unique way of life rooted in artistic expression. The Made You Look Films catalogue includes over 75 music videos for independent and major label artists, as well as numerous commercials and campaigns for brands. In 2005, Ramsey wrote, directed and produced “The Test”, starring Australian pop icon Selwyn, with cameos from techno king Moby and MC Safire. The film is an advertising paradise, featuring a plethora of product placements for brands Audi, Apple Computer, and Motorola. “The Test“ created a local cult following, and caught the attention of executives at Paramount and Warner Brother’s studios, provoking Ramsey to venture into film features.

After producing several short films, Carlos teamed up with HSI Productions and multi platinum R&B artist Usher to produce a behind-the-scenes documentary on the singer learning to tap dance for his remake of the Gene Kelly classic, “Singing in the Rain”. The documentary got the attention of executives currently working at Relativety Media. Over the past 5 years, Carlos J. Ramsey has maintained relationships with multiple Hollywood executives, all keeping an eye out for his next move.

Ramsey’s experiance in the music video industry, combined with miraculous spiritual transformation has inspired the vivid, adventrous tale of ASCEND. Being Ramsey’s first full length feature film, ASCEND has embedded mulitple strategies to sucuessfully lead to many more films.

In early 2012, Carlos began documenting his experiances. A teaser was created from the documented footage, combined with scripted segments from the film’s ever evolving screenplay. The ASCEND teaser has already ammased an online social media presence, and following with close to 100,000 views and hundreds of comments expressing anticipation for the film.